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Read or download the preview of Developing Web Apps using DBFree

Develope and deploy web apps, manage on-line data and run your own web server from home or office. For FREE.

DBFree is a all-in-one software suite that includes a framework for web applications featuring an Xbase embedded database engine, a server-side scriptable programming language (inspired by CA-Clipper, dBASE and FoxPro) and a pre-configured Webserver for serving database driven pages to the web.
DBFree is lightweight (15MB!), simple, powerful. It's easy to install, to manage, to learn and totally free. Fully featured versions with full source code, no nags, no advertising, no registration, no fees - just get it and use it (ready in two minutes!). Made for Windows 10, it runs also on older XP boxes!

DBFree explained in 30 seconds

You would choose DBFree if you want to:

  • manage your internet stuff your own (don't hire someone else)
  • keep on using your trusted Windows PC (no Linux needed)
  • get your job done, not doing academy
  • do development without going crazy
  • be productive in a matter of hours, not months
..and if you have:
  • A basic understandings of programming concepts and on how web pages work
  • Good familiarity with managing files and folders, editing sources, using an Internet Browser
  • A vague idea on database's structures

How you get started

  1. Install DBFree (in seconds) by using the installer
  2. Start DBFree Control Center, start server, click on Web Site/Quick Edit
  3. Use the DBFree code editor for customizing pages (or creating your own)

How you start developing

  1. Open the App Box using the DBFree Control Center
  2. Add a new folder (this will be your new App)
  3. Drop Full pages taken from repository to have a starting point
  4. Start to make changes to the pages you dropped in

How you use databases

  1. Open On-line Tables Wizard (on this site)
  2. Build tables and either download them ready for use or get the code to build it at runtime
  3. Build Web Forms using either the DBFree buildform() functions or on-line utilities
  4. Insert the form source code inside your pages
  5. Fill with your data (or have your remote users to do that)

How you go online

  1. Get a domain name from a DDNS service
  2. Bind it to your router address (if is static) or to your PC (if it is not)
  3. Open the admin page of your router
  4. Redirect any incoming requests for that domain to the PC where you installed DBFree

How you learn programming

By trials and errors, working on your real data and you own application.
And, eventually, with the help of DBFree for Newbies and of our Code Assistant.
Watch Videos

Why DBFree and who it is for?

Are you wondering why should you invest time into what looks only like an obscure, niche and ancient programming language?

Because it gives you a chance where no others do.
Not only it's totally free: DBFree is the only one-man-band solution of modern web computing and the only chance for ordinary people to learn programming without the need of consecrate an entire life to this task
Furthermore DBFree is one of the few solutions where a single person can manage full projects entirely by its own.
DBFree is not for those that wish to make programming for a living, neither for computer illiterates. It's half way. Its goal is to let ordinary people with intrest into computing to build and run their own web applications in their spare time, at home or work, and with no one to depend on.
You'll never get hired for programming with DBFree: adversely you won't need to hire someone to develope web apps if you learn yourself to use it.
That's what DBFree is for.
The learning curve is gentle, projects don't need previous careful planning and are fully portable, the language is simple and business-oriented: you can easily learn it on the way. The development can be split in steps, where and while you have the time. Unlike today's languages is enough to have a look at the source code and immediately understand what it does.
With DBFree you don't simply learn to code, you learn how to work with web technology: and it's made so that a single person can manage it, that in today's landscape makes DBFree unique in its kind, and will improve your ability to think like a programmer in any language.

But, how does the code looks like?

You can write any page indifferently this way (and also mix them in the same page):
1 - Example of CGI-like code
2 - Example od ASP-like code
3 - Example of Xbase-like code
4 - Example of Ajax Grid
4 - DBGrid Component Demo
More about DBFree

Coding by using WebObjects

DBFree is mostly based on MaxScript's WebObjects (formerly known as MaxObjects and not related with the now defunt Apple's WebObject enterprise framework)
WebObjects are a powerful feature of DBFree that let you take advantage of modern caching technology both on clients and server side and build web applications that rely on re-usable modules (acting much like subroutines) that can be called recursively to perform different actions depending by the parameters received.
WebObjects are written in the same combination of HTML and MaxScript (and eventually Javascript) like other pages.
More about WebObjects

This site is running and has been developed entirely on DBFree V41 HTML expert? You hate HTML? xBase dinosaur? Developer? Absolute beginner?

DBFree offers a superset of traditional MaxScript/xBase commands to be used in web pages for fast development

Examples: In-place editing Cookbook Demo Ajax Grid Calendar Orders DB Browser Master/Slave Browse

Useful links

Ripple Emulator Chrome Tools TypeScript Ionic PhoneGap Cordova Web Inspector Firebug Firefox Tools

This site and all of its features (including the appearance and all the visual effects) are examples of a DBFree V41 Web App. It's been developed from scratch with PSPad editor on a standard Home PC and it is running on DBFree V41 from a cloud server where has been deployed automatically without changes.

You can also find previous versions of DBFree on these sites:

Examples provided in the various sections of this site are provided only for propedeutical use and might be simplified to improve reading and basic understanding. Tutorials, references, and examples are coming directly form our users, published when submitted and reviewed by volunteers as soon as possible to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use, cookie and privacy policy. All contents can be reproduced without permission and you are encouraged to share it with others. To submit your code, correction and suggestions you need to login. About Cookies
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