Web Server

DBFree V4

DBFree v4.1 comes with Civet Webserver.

Civetweb is an Open source, small and easy to use web server.

It may be embedded into C/C++ host applications or used as a stand-alone server, as it is with this release of DBFree.

When started, civetweb first searches for the configuration file. This file can be edited directly from DBFree Control Center.

The configuration file is a sequence of lines, each line containing one command line argument name and the corresponding value. Empty lines, and lines beginning with # , are ignored.
Here is an example:
document_root c:\maxsis\dbfreev41\web
listening_ports 80,443s

By default Civet runs on port 8088

When the server is running you can access the DBFree companion website from this URL: localhost:8088

DBfree and Microsoft Internet Information Server

DBFree V41 can also be run using IIS7/8.

How does it work

Civet and MaxScript work side-by-side

Civet webserver delivers to remote users the requested pages in two ways: The final result sent to browser is always pure HTML code, without any traces of the server-side code that generated the content.

Older versions

DBFree has historically been bundled with the proud Xitami web server. Anyway Xitami is dated 1998 and this, in the IT world is quite a lot of time.
If you are using DBFree 1.9 chances are that you're still using XP.
That's not bad as Microsoft says, and you can still use it despite all the public statements you have heard in the last months.

Anyway even XP is rather old and there is not much sense into developing things for it.
If you're absolutely bound to XP this doesn't mean you can't use newer features of DBFree: it only means that you have to use lot of elbow grease and do some modifications to your system.

Civet server can run on XP

First of all let's state clearly that you won't need to dismiss Xitami: it works well make no sense to change it.
The problem arises with the GUI used by latest versions of DBFree (notably the new Control Center) that are not compatible with XP.

Why DBFree V4.1 doesn't run on XP

All these wrinkles can be ironed by spending some time on DBFree GUI sources and on your machine configuration.
Anyway it's better face the truth: XP is dying, so it would make more sense to upgrade your PC than work on a obsolete platform.

So, XP is gone?

No. Not yet.

There is a bunch of XP die-hard (based in east-africa) that just made a fork of DBFree aimed to users of old PCs:

DBFree V4.1 for XP users

Notice that this version is not fully supported by DBFree.org and have not been tested througthfully as other versions.
In case of problem just contact our support service and we will try to help but notice that we don't have XP machines avaiable for replicating the problems.

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