Database Engine

DBFee uses the internal database engine of DBFree, which is based on 32-bits Codebase drivers.
These are compatible with the standard DBF data format of level 3 (introduced long, long time ago by dBASE III from Ashton Tate) and recognised by unnumbered applications and utilities around the net.
Optionally you can use the level 5 implementation of the DBF format (multiple indexes) as well as the proprietary FoxPro format used by FoxPro 2.5.

Using the engine

You don't need to install or set anything to use the engine in your projects.
These are examples of using the embedded database engine:
//-- set database driver to use
set dbtype to CLIPPER

//-- sets the database to use

//-- open a table 
use "customers"

//-- simple query

See the results of these commands (N.B. The two examples are exactly equivalent.)
//-- set database path and driver to use
xcDbType := "CLIPPER"
set dbtype to (xcDbType)
cDbPath := setDb("demo")

//-- sets table to use
cTable := cDbPath + "customers.dbf"
use (cTable) alias MASTER

//-- simple query

Database drivers

DBFree uses C++ Codebase xBase Drivers. These drivers offers compatibility with dBase III, dBase V and FoxPro 2.5 DBF file format.
ANSI SQL support is also offered through the use of an additional drive (anyway keep in mind that MaxScript Language does not handle directly SQL and simply passes SQL strings to the driver).

DBFree V4.1 reads and writes in all these formats, anyway uses its own implementation that is compiled directly in the interpreter.

See this page for more informations

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