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Friday 20 October 2017 59283598

DB Wizard: Table and Code Generator

Welcome to DBFactory!
Another nice DBApp brought to you by DBFree Team A

This application is dated 2010. and was originally written for DBFree V3. It's been ported to V41 by changing the template and cleaning the aspect by taking advantage of the new user interface functions offered by V41. Program logic remained intact.

Purpouse of this small DBApp is let you design a table on-line, working via internet on a remote web site, and have the table built on server, ready to be downloaded.
This application is also useful for showing how to build MaxWeb Objects, that is web pages that behave different depending by parameters passed to them.

For example this page has been called, right now, with no parameter. Correspondingly it is showing you this intro text.

Create a table in 3 easy steps

At the end of the procedure you will be provided with a link for downloading all the files created and also with code source ready to be used in your pages in case you want to give your application the option to create the table at runtime.
You can interrupt the procedure at anytime.
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