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1 - DBFree Distros
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ATTENTION Windows 7/8/10 users! If your safety level is set high you can get some warning message when downloading and then install procedure may be stopped asking you to discard it: just choose to proceed anyway or install manually by using the ZIP file provided below.

DBFree V41 and our own installer (automatic install by a single exe):
ATTENTION: from v4178 onward the main folder for utilities (PSPad etc.) is c:\maxsis\utils instead of c: \maxsis\dbfreev41\utils
setup_DBFree_V4178b14.exe 13/11/2016 21:01
DBFree V41 in form of all files of the distro just zipped into one (only files, no installer: unzip, check and configure manually):
setup_manually_DBFreeV4178b1.zip 13/11/2016 21:02
Printed Instructions
setup_manually_DBFreeV417x.pdf 13/11/2016 21:02

2 - Updates

3 - Fixes

4 - Alternative Companion Sites

You want to change the default WebApp that comes with DBFree?
These are the alternatives:
(Notice that these are all Companion Sites to be used for propedeutical use. They can be modified to fit your needs and for experimenting your skills and ideas. For production purposes please get some Complete Web Applications)
WEB-1_default_companion_site-upd_2015-11-30-A.zip 13/11/2016 21:02 web-4017-5_expert_mode_ajax.zip 13/11/2016 21:03 web_4016_with_calendar_as_for_4173.zip 13/11/2016 21:03 web_4017_empty_template_expert_mode.zip 13/11/2016 21:03 web_4017_main_and_overlay_model.zip 13/11/2016 21:03

5 - Android App

DBFree Web Gateway Android App (.apk)
This Android App lets you connect with a given website and launch a DBApp as it was native on device. It is experimental. Once finished you could use it to for your customers with our own URL and settings so they just install the app on device, touch the icon and display the DBApp full screen on device without need to configure anything.
NOTICE: the app is on beta testing so is not yet available on Google Play: you must know how to install an .apk file on your device.
DBWEB_gateway-1-52.apk 13/11/2016 20:58
Notice that the development of this product has been suspended because of lack of intrest from users. This is the latest version released, fully working with android 4.4.2 despite some rough edge. Anyway we currently have no plans of further refinements unless we find volunteers with good knowledge of android development that wish to contribute to us. In case you are one of them please contact us.

Good News!: finally latest Windows 10 releases stopped to issue warning messages when installing DBFree from standard package (this unfortunately does not apply to Beta releases)
 In the event DBFree installer is blocked by Windows with a warning message, (something like This app has been blocked for your protection)  you may either temporarily lower the ACL protection level or avoid all the problems at the root by installing DBFree manually .
This can be easily done by downloading the zipped version, that comes without any installer, then unzip everything by your own! (The instructions are included with the files or available als as PDF down below)

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