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DB Apps

Various Free DBApps for DBFree

DBApps does not differ from any other web applications except for these points:
  • DBApps rely on resources (libraries,CSS,javascripts) of the host (the DBFree main installation)
  • all sources (web pages) must be contained in a folder
  • folder name will give the name to the DBApp
  • DBApps must have a single entrypoint named start.msp (that need to use the appropriate APP entrypoint header)
There can be as many other pages as necessary, and other subfolders as well: a DBApp is a stand-alone web site in all and every aspect.
DBApp are portable by definition, because they are pure code (and eventually some images).
For more information on DBApp see our publications section.
Instructions for installing:
  1. download the DBApp of your choice to your PC it is in ZIP format)
  2. unzip the whole zipped folder contained in the file straight to the APP BOX (usually c:\maxsis\dbfreeV4x\web\apps\) of your DBFree installation.
  3. open the new folder you just unzipped from its location
  4. locate the existing file re-enable_files.cmd.txt and rename it to re-enable_files.cmd (remove the .txt extension so to make it usable)
  5. launch the batch file and it willrename all source files (.src) of the folder to .msp (that is the mandatory extension for DBFree active pages)
Note that this procedure is necessary only because most browsers now analyze the content of ZIP files and block all those that contain executables, scripts and most installers in order to prevent unaware users to install unwanted software on their systems)

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