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WebObjects are the core of DBFree advanced programming.

This programming model requires the use of some predefined components you can pick up from our repository using the Code Assistant:

Here below you see a typical set of standard components for a generic, empty WebObject.

Notice that even if you can use the above components to build your WebObject right from this page it's always better to check with the Code Assistant to be sure that you're using updated components.

The concept behind WebObjects

In the traditional way you write one page with a menu and then call a dedicated page (a.k.a. actuator) for each of them.

One step behind is to group all the code of the different actuators into a single page then call the page passing a parameter (a.k.a the action) to activate the chunk of code of interest (this is known as overlay model).
WebObjects take the concept one step behind and group everything into the same page.

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